Chief O’Neill’s Pub & Restaurant
Warm & Friendly Environment

Lots of Free Street Parking !

MUSIC MAD is staged in the dining room performance space of CHIEF O’NEILL’S Pub & Restaurant. We have a capacity for 80 general admission, theater style seating.

Chief O’Neill’s is a beautifully decorated Irish pub and restaurant with outstanding and reasonably priced American and traditional Irish food selections.

Chief O’Neill’s has a wonderful outdoor patio, and you can enjoy a fine meal before or after the show.

Feel free to bring a pint with you into the show!

Click here for Chief O’Neill’s website

FREE and plentiful STREET PARKING!

DIRECTIONS: Exit on Addison from the Kennedy. Proceed 6 blocks East on Addison, then go a few block South on Elston and there you are! Just 10 minutes north of the loop.


Chief O’Neill’s Pub & Restaurant

3471 N. Elston

Chicago, IL 60661

(773) 583-3066


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