What a great time! An excellent story about preserving heritage. In this case it was about Irish heritage and music but could be anyone’s. Well written, well performed and just absolutely excellent entertainment. I’d go back and see it again!

Thoroughly enjoyed Music Mad at Chief O’Neill’s Pub. The play was funny and very moving at times.

Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Heartwarming story in an intimate setting with a talented cast. A lovely evening!

Wonderful setting. Fabulous musicians and vocals. I would recommend to anyone interested in Chicago History or Irish music.

Everyone in our group enjoyed the play and the work of the actors and musicians…….was a great evening and have told friends about it. Keep up good effort, it is noticed and welcomed.

Great show! Enjoyed the Irish history & music!!

Some Chicago history combined with lively impeccable Irish music, how can you go wrong? The musicians were fantastic and the actors put on a stellar show. Highly recommend it!

Based on historical facts about a real Irish immigrant who helped guide Chicago through the tumult of changing after the Great Fire to the burly City of Big Shoulders. There are no curtains, there is only one exit, and scene shifting is done solely by the appearance of actors or their “disappearance” upon turning to face a wall and standing very still. It’s almost uncanny how well this works. Within the framework of an interview with Chief O’Neil (Martin Hughes), the interviewer (Robert Plimpton) guides us through highlights of O’Neil’s life. The actors do an excellent job of giving us a feel for how important music, especially Irish music, was to O’Neil in his early years and how much more important it became as his adventures led him around the world and, finally, to Chicago. Irish step dancing? yes, but only incidental to a scene depicting life in a small village. Irish songs? yes, but again as illumination of why O’Neil set such high value on it. Irish music? yes, yes yes! Come to enjoy, to be informed, to delight in how O’Neil and his collaborator saved Irish music..

The play was an entertaining event sharing an emotional perspective of one man’s love of his culture and desire to sustain it. I had never heard of Chief O’Neill prior to this event and know that there are thousands of others who could share a similar story. That’s what makes America such a wonderful place!

Had a enjoyable evening here, with dinner before in the bar area. The show is in the lovely dining room of Chief O’Neill’s, with rows of chairs replacing the tables. A 4 piece band, dancer, and singers tell the story of Chief O’Neill and his work to notate the Irish songs he loved. This I knew about, but who knew he protected Emma Goldmann and was the first to promote a black policeman? If you want to see the feet of the step dancer, get there early and sit in the first two rows. Otherwise, any seat is good. A fine entertainment for the price of a movie.

I love Irish music and this show was very real with great music. We had a great time. Thank you.

A good time was had by all. This is the very best of Irish theatre with notes of humour and sorrow expertly interwoven with the music, song, and dance that aligns to the very beating of our hearts as we come to know the story of a hero who was a man and so much more. The musicans are class, performers are first rate, material skillfully and creatively put together. Best bit of craic I’ve had during a history lesson. If you are Irish, a Chicagoan, a lover of life, or know someone who is, you won’t go astray with this gem of a time.

Absolutely loved the show! The music alone was amazing and had the audience tapping their toes. The storyline was interesting and inspiring. It made me want to wanted to connect more deeply to my Irish roots and instill them in my children!

Thoroughly entertaining. Cathy Cowan’ voice is beautiful!

My wife and I had a great time. It was a great story, presented really well. Acting and singing supurb. Chief O’Neills pub was a great venue as well. Definitely worth seeing.

Group had an enjoyable evening with very good presentation.

Excellent, informative

Music and Chicago and Irish history. The audience really enjoyed this musical about a Chicago police chief in an Irish bar named for him.

wonderful play describing the history of Irish music. Loved the live music/band and the Irish dancing.

Loved the music and the story!!


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