MUSIC MAD includes the talents of actors, musicians, story tellers and sean nos dancers.

We attempt to showcase the diverse pool of Irish talent in Chicago, and so there may be variations of actors and musicians from show to show.

Our current line up list includes,


Actor:                           Roles:

Tom Cassidy               Francis O’Neill

Kathy Cowan              Anna Rogers, Catherine O’Neill

Tim O’Sullivan             Officer Mahoney, Peter Hagerty

Aaron Caponigro         Patrolman Ennis, Father Wallace

Paul Brennan              Young Francis O’Neill, Sgt. Mullin, Georgie West



Sean Cleland              – Fiddle

Jim DeWan                 – Guitar

Brendan McKinney – Flute/Whistles


Brian Cunningham and/or Collette Harling are the Music Mad Sean Nos dancers



Past Participants include:

Brett Tewell (actor)

Laurence Nugent (traditional Irish flute and whistles)

Sean Gavin (flute/pipes)

Devin McCabe (fiddle/button accordion)

Joe O’Regan (bodhran)

Mike O’Brien (actor)

Kevin Stark (actor)

Katy Cochran (actress)

Paul Brennan (actor)

Charlsey Miller (actress/singer)

Martin Hughes (actor/singer)

Ciara Kelly (step dancer)

Stina Taylor (step dancer)

Riley Cohn (step dancer)

Farley Kelly-Masterton (fiddle/whistles)

Deirdre Kozicki (step dancer)

John Moran (actor)



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